Has flappy bird been taken off app store

The most successful services were difficult for Apple to block. Rather than fake downloads and reviews with malicious software programs, these services would pay hundreds of thousands of real users a tiny amount of money to download the specified app within 24 hours. There are only a few hundred mobile companies in the world with advertising budgets that large. Outside of getting featured by Apple or Google, the future is bleak for most apps.

Gartner has predicted that by only 0. Bot farms on the other hand offer app developers a shot at success by guaranteeing a top 25 rank at one tenth the cost. Companies like Zynga, King, and SuperCell make way too much money to put themselves at risk of getting banned over shady marketing practices. Over the weekend the creator of Flappy Bird announced that he was pulling the number one iOS and Google Play app off both app stores. The only explanation given via Twitter:. But it also ruins my simple life.

So now I hate it. It is not anything related to legal issues.

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I just cannot keep it anymore. His last tweet claims that he will continue making games. In what surely is one of the strangest stories in years we are unlikely to ever really know what officially happened. Was he scared off by a copyright lawsuit from Nintendo? Was this all a brilliant marketing stunt designed to squeeze the last ounce of virality from Flappy Bird before it fizzled out?

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Or has he really been telling the truth and completely burnt out? People coming out of the woodwork asking for handouts. Journalists from every news organization contacting you for interviews. Hundreds of ad networks spamming you with promises of riches if you just use their solution.


Flappy Bird creator removes game from app stores

Thousands of fans contacting you on Twitter everyday expecting you to engage. It sounds exhausting. And for this reason possibly, Dong Nguyen quietly pulled Flappy Bird from the app stores yesterday in order to return to a simpler life. Did Nguyen use bot farms to reach the top? Should Apple have pulled Flappy Bird if he did? On the one hand I can see how unfair it is to all the developers who play by the rules.

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When more developers use bot farms, it inflates the required number of downloads to reach the top spots. This in turn makes it more expensive for everyone. On the other hand I see just how broken app discovery is for indie developers. Flappy Bird sat on the App Store for 5 months completely unknown. When given a chance, it took off. How many thousands of other unknown indie apps could have similar success if just given a chance.

What we need is for Apple to fundamentally rethink app discovery for indies and level the playing field. Before it was removed, I had never heard of this game. Oh no Someone better call F this guy and F everyone who was possibly blaming him for ruining their lives. Parents always have and always will be responsible for monitoring their children's activities and the time they spend doing them. I agree, he seemed to be motivated by conscience more that money. Truly rare. And the fact that a lot of people here are sledging him about money, fame, fortune, etc.

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Here’s the real reason Flappy Bird was removed

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Flappy Bird creator explains why he deleted the game