Samsung galaxy mini plague inc

Simulator viral contamination of humanity

In the game, you become an illness with the goal of wiping out the human race. After selecting bacteria, the user has to pick a game difficulty that includes casual, normal and brutal.

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Casual is definitely fun but very easy. You can also choose to modify the genetic code, but only after you start winning more games — not in casual mode. The first step of the game is to choose where exactly you want to start your plague.

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Plague Inc: Evolved catches custom scenarios on Steam

After you choose a place, an orange DNA bubble pops up. DNA bubbles are gained by infecting and killing people.

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Popping these balloons will give you more DNA points which are used to evolve your disease, which has a number of benefits. Before you evolve your disease, make sure to press the pause button in the top right corner. Evolving gives your disease better survivability, better transmissions and abilities and can determine which symptoms your plague causes.

The first option, transmission, is how your disease gets around.

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It includes transmission by birds, rats, mosquitoes and livestock, as well as blood-to-blood contact, airborne or via water. Following transmission is symptoms. Symptoms start off pretty basic, such as nausea, rashes, anemia, cysts and even insomnia. But the more points you spend in the different symptoms trees, the more severe you can make your plague.

Neurax Worm enters Plague Inc for $1.99

There are future options to give your plague symptoms like paralysis, comas and total organ failure. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Posted 12 March - Hello, I want to play my friend's gyro compatible game from Flyshout Gyro Clay Shooter , but this phone crashes after start. Samsung S4 works good, mini - not.

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What's wrong? Maybe gyro sensor not works?

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  8. Posted 13 March - What I am getting here is by looking at the app i feel like as its a new game, So there might be some bugs in the game because of which it keeps on crashing!! I think you should contact the developer of the game and explain him about this issue. John Dave.

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