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WolfClock is a fully customizable alarm clock application. You can completely change the color scheme and background of the display, and you can also modify how and when the clock runs, and what the alarm sounds like when it goes off. You can even set it to start the alarm soft and then increase the volume over time.

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Even more than using the old device as a bedside clock and media device, I also wanted the ability to pick up the device and use it to access remote systems on my home network. One very useful app, particularly in a bedroom where you might have a computer running a video display across the room as a television, is PPC Remote Control. As you can see from the image above, you can use this app to control just about everything the computer can do. This includes launching and controlling PowerPoint presentations, controlling Windows Media Player, and even remotely controlling the PC mouse and keyboard.

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Ping is required for that, and the perfect app to perform ping with your old WM phone is PingBox. Finally, the last monitoring tool that I find nice to have handy is the PPC Interface tool which provides a graphical display of all traffic in and out of the Windows Mobile device. As you can see, it seems silly to store away a perfectly good smartphone in the back of a drawer, when there are so many cool things you can still do with that device. The fact that it can still access the Internet through Wi-Fi means that it can become a fully-functioning mobile computer.

Do you have any old mobile devices hanging around the house? Have you reused them as useful wireless devices on your home network? Share some of your own ideas and experiences in the comments section below. Image Credit: Stephen Davies. Explore more about: Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 2. LogMeIn , Followers Follow. Bomgar 1, Followers Follow. Show all 5 tags.

Popular Topics in Windows Phone. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? LegoMan Feb 9, at Capef3ar Feb 9, at I'll also email my colleague that's still there to see if they are using anything. Mark Splashtop Feb 9, at Sorry I can't help more. Angus Feb 10, at Hi Mark, As your solution seemed to be the easiest for our end users, I signed up for a demo this morning and tried to use your system, unfortunately without much success.

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Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Mark Splashtop Feb 10, at Hi Angus, Checked with our product team. Paste the two files there. At that point, you must, using the phone, load it's file explorer and navigate to that Windows folder on internal memory and manually run cerdisp2. You can now run the powertoy active remote display on the pc, and it will communicate with the exe that is running on the phone. Alternately, the app allows for a networking ip connection instead of activesync, but I have not used it.

When you are done using this app, you must run the kill. It WILL fix connections that fail, if you have the older version. It's free. They don't support it anymore.

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That way, whenever you run MyMobiler on the desktop, it will connect to the phone and load right up. ARD offers very limited mouse gesture compatability. Navigate to the MyMobiler folder, which might be on your desktop. Drill down til you find the exe. Right Click and chose properties. Run Compatability Mode for this file, and select XP. For me, it doesnt work on XP, but does on Win8 - though slightly unstable at times. On the device: Tick box to enable.

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Also, MyMobiler on Win8 will sometimes refuse to connect. Fully unload mymobiler, disconnect the phone, reconnect the phone and watch for activesync to confirm connection. Then reload mymobiler. Sometimes full system reboots are needed, but that's rare. It's for Windows Mobile 7 and 8 - which is fantastic. It once was free, or had a free version anyway. Not sure if they still do. I've seen it available as a binary download like here , for example on the web before, so no need to actually build it yourself. I've used MyMobiler remote.

It sounds like you got it running. It defaults to the ActiveSync address Misread -- you were able to run the client, but not the server.

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I've built this one for Windows Mobile without much of a hitch on Visual Studio You might have similar luck with Windows Mobile 6. But since you haven't mentioned an error that looks like that, I'd suspect that your build of Windows CE 6. Windows CE is highly customizable; as such, not all software components will be the same across different builds of Windows CE. With regards to the ActiveSync Remote Display Power Toy, the message that you received sounds like the desktop application didn't know what version to deploy to your device.

The workaround is 1.