Free wifi hotspot app for nokia e63

Now you can enjoy crystal-clear phone calls over the Internet using the new Nokia E63 phones.

If you have access to a WiFi or 3G connection, you can save money by using the Internet to connect your call instead of using your mobile phone minutes. No roaming or out-of-network fees.

Turn Your Nokia Phone Into a Wifi Hotspot

Make your calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere for just a few pennies a minute. Simple to configure, inexpensive to use. This application can be used to configure VoIP settings on your Nokia. It is also possible to save all the VoIP profile settings to a text file. Public user name: The software is available in both light and premium versions.

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Helps one to connect your laptop or iPad to internet using Wi-Fi tethering with your mobile phone. Joikuspot Premium comes with password connection securing, encryption, and full internet and email protocol support.

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This can be used just for browsing the internet. You can get a limited free version Light from here. After you open the app it asks for the Internet connection to be used for Hotspot, select your connection and it will start the Hotspot in seconds. Additional data charges may apply in case if you are not on an unlimited plan.

Free Wireless HotSpot Nokia E63 Apps

The interface of the app is very clear and has just the required number of settings as you see in the screenshots. The options Menu has very few options to choose from select a hotspot, stop hotspot, about, exit which are required. No security. But u can change to wat u want if its the premium version.

Turn Your Nokia Phone Into a Wifi Hotspot - Telecom Talk

Expecting ur feed back. Old or no old, na new thing to somebody.

Internet Browsing on Nokia E63

We appreciate. Pls if I browse fr33 on my phone using OM5.

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Pls help on dis. So its not gonna be free like your mod operamini. Then for the Etisalat gaga is an android 2. I was lucky to download the premium version on ovi store for free when nokia was given away premium stuff for free sometimes ago and it can be fast as hell when on 3g.